Threaded Fittings vs. Crimped Fittings

Threaded Fittings

There are many benefits to choosing a campfire that has threaded fittings on the propane hose.

  • The biggest is customizing your hose, for example adding a quick disconnect enabling you to hook directly to a quick disconnect on your RV.
  • You can extend the length of you propane hose.
  • If you need to replace the propane regulator you can do so easily without the added cost of also buying a new hose and regulator.

Crimped fittings are chosen by manufacturers in order to cut the manufacturing costs, there are no benefits to the end user.

THREADED FITTINGThreaded Fittings on a Propane Hose CRIMPED FITTINGCrimped Fittings on a Propane Hose