CSA Ratings: BTU and Clearance to Combustibles

The CSA-BTU rating confirms that the tested and approved campfire will produce the number of BTUs (heat) for which it has been rated. It is important to check for a CSA BTU rating so you are not disappointed with the heat output when the time comes and you need it.

CSA clearance to combustibles rating specifies the distance a burning campfire must be away from combustibles such as wood, plastic, vinyl, etc. The 3 clearances are, above the campfire, beside the campfire, and underneath the campfire. If you want to burn your campfire directly on surfaces such as a wood deck, grass or patio mat then a CSA zero clearance to combustibles underneath rating will be an important rating feature.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not confuse Combustibles with Flammables such as gasoline, acetone, kerosene etc. Flammables should never be near a campfire.