Fire Accent Features

The most popular fire accent features are log sets, fire glass, vermiculite and lava rock. Fire glass is becoming a very popular choice especially for backyard applications.

Log Sets come in two styles and types, one-piece and multiple-piece log sets. High temperature ceramic and high temperature concrete.

One-piece log sets are less likely to break, no rearranging of logs is necessary. They are designed to spread the fire out creating a more natural looking campfire

Multiple-piece log sets are prone to breaking due to movement when being transported, must be rearranged before use. They are not designed to control fire direction.

High Temperature Ceramic logs are very lightweight, can sustain high heat and cool rapidly after use. They have a high detail look and shape. They reflect heat efficiently.

High Temperature Concrete logs are very heavy for their size, & tend to chip and crack. They have little or no detail in the look and shape. They do not reflect heat they absorb it.

Fire Glass comes in many different shapes and sizes as well as a large selection of colors. Fireglass gives a very unique fire appearance.

Lava Rock comes in different sizes colors and is very lightweight. Lava rock tends to create dust when pieces rub together.

Vermiculite is a loose granular naturally occurring substance. It is mined at the same place that asbestos is mined, and can contain asbestos fiber and asbestos dust. It should be kept out of the wind, as it will blow around.